Sammamish is known for its picturesque landscape. Bordered by Lake Sammamish to the west and to the east by the Sammamish Valley, residents of this city take pride in their natural surroundings and understand the importance of preserving it. The Urban Forestry Management Plan was established to protect trees within the city. What better way is there to share the festive spirit in a city that holds greenery in such high esteem than with outdoor lighting? We at Washington Christmas Lights provide professional outdoor lighting installation. We’ll help you create a festive ambiance that celebrates your landscape without overpowering its natural beauty.

Outdoor Lighting in Sammamish

The citizens of Sammamish, WA take the festive season seriously. Every year the city comes alive at night with outdoor festive lighting. We can help you join in the festivities and do your part to spread good cheer with our outdoor lighting installation services. We are a full-service holiday lighting installation company. Our team of professional outdoor lighting contractors will take you from designing your display through to installation, maintenance and take down of the lights display.

What Type of Lighting is best for Outdoors?

Are you looking to create a winter wonderland on your property this Christmas? We at Washington Christmas Lights can help. We provide professional outdoor lighting installation in Sammamish. Our lighting displays will not only make your property pop this season but also enable you to spread good cheer.

Hiring Washington Christmas Lights to install your outdoor lights means that you will gain access to the best type of lighting for outdoor lights displays. We own commercial grade outdoor lighting equipment and lease them to our customers. Our lights include:

  • C7 and C9 bulbs – These bulbs are perfect for outdoor display because of their larger size. They provide a better appearance for outdoor lights displays compared to other types of bulbs when the display is viewed from a distance. We’ll create a unique and brilliant lights display that will look up close and from far away.
  • LED lights – We provide our customers with high quality LED lights. LED lights offer a brighter and better quality display than incandescent lights. These lights do not heat up even after being left on for hours. They use less energy and are safe for use outdoors.
  • Commercial grade lights – We stock commercial grade lights. Unlike the regular lights you would purchase for an indoor display, our lights are specifically designed for use in the outdoors. They feature commercial grade wiring and do not have joints to ensure safety no matter what the weather conditions are like.

Why Choose Us for Outdoor Lighting Installation Service in Sammamish, WA?

If you’re in Sammamish, WA and are looking for a professionals to assist you with Christmas lights displays for the festive season, look no further than Washington Christmas Lights. We’re full service outdoor lighting contractors. We’ll handle every aspect of installing a Christmas lights display.

There are many reasons why choosing us for installing outside light displays is the best move you’ll make this holiday season.

Stay safe

When was the last time you had to climb up ladders? It’s probably been ages. The risks are even higher under wet conditions. A slip and fall accident can put a damper on the celebrations. You can avoid all that by hiring our team to do the work for you. We are experienced and have the right equipment to ensure safe installation.

Have peace of mind with professional

There’s a lot more that goes into hanging outdoor Christmas lights than many people understand. For example, it is important to ensure you avoid problems that may occur due to overloading of your electrical circuits. We at Washington Christmas Lights have been installing Christmas lights for the residents of Sammamish for over 10 years. You can rely on our expertise to get the job done right. We’ll ensure the safety of your display.

Enjoy a great display

We’re a full-service outdoor lighting contractor in Sammamish. We’ll take your from the design of your display through to installation and removal of the display. We stock high-quality professional grade lighting equipment that you can rent for your display. We’ll save you time and money while providing you with a high-quality display.

If you’re looking for a contractor for outdoor lighting in Sammamish, get in touch with us.

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