Outdoor Christmas lights and decorations are much more than just decorations in your yard. They embody the magical spirit of the holiday. They are reminders of the many cherished moments shared with family and our loved ones through the years. They are a means through which we can contribute to spreading cheer and good will during the festive season. Wreaths and Garland Installation offers you an easy and efficient way to bring your vision for your yard to life with outdoor Christmas decorations. We provide services for design and installation of outdoor Christmas lights in Sammamish. We’ll show you just how powerful Christmas decorations can be.

Guide to outdoor Christmas decorations

We offer a wide range of outdoor Christmas decorations to help you achieve your vision. Our selection includes:

  • Outdoor Christmas lights – We’ll supply you with the best outdoor Christmas lights. We stock durable Christmas lights that are built to withstand exposure to harsh outdoor conditions. Our lights come in an array of styles and colors to meet your requirements for your Christmas lights display. We stock LED mini lights, C7 and C9 lights, incandescent lights and icicle lights. We have everything you need to achieve your display.
    Our design team will walk you through which lights to choose for your display. Whether you’re looking to create a modern magical look with curtain lights or want to give your yard a welcoming look with pathway lights, we will help you achieve the effect you’re after.
  • Christmas yard decorations – Create a festive atmosphere in your yard with our outdoor lighted Christmas decorations. Our collection of decorations will light up your yard and turn it into a winter wonderland. Our design team will help you select décor to create a display that will make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.
  • Star lights and snowflakes – create a winter wonderland with our star lights and illuminated snowflakes. Our snowflakes and stars are illuminated with LED strip lights, LED mini lights or rope lights. We even have some that feature flexible neon lights.
  • Outdoor reindeer – Bring the magic of Christmas to your property with lighted reindeer. We’ll help you create a whimsical holiday scene that will draw attention and spread good cheer. Our reindeer are the perfect way to add a playful and magical touch to your property this Christmas. The reindeer feature graceful poses. The displays are lit by incandescent or LED mini lights. They are sure to be a hit with everyone young and old.
  • Christmas balls – add these illuminated spheres to your outdoor space and see your property come to life. These spheres feature a heavy-duty frame illuminated by fairy lights, LED mini lights or LED light balls. They can be placed anywhere on your property from branches, ceilings or even on your porch.
  • Free standing décor – take your Christmas décor to a whole new level with free standing outdoor lighted Christmas decorations. Our free-standing displays are a quick and fun way to add a festive touch to your property. We feature a wide range of styles including Santa, Elves, Stockings, Reindeer and much more.

Outdoor Christmas trees

Christmas trees aren’t just great for creating a festive atmosphere indoors, they’re also a great way to bring your outdoor space to life. We provide Christmas trees, lights and décor to line your walkways and brighten up your yard. Our outdoor Christmas trees come with small spikes that enable them to be inserted into the ground. We offer an array of lights and décor to accompany your Christmas trees. Our outdoor Christmas trees are the perfect addition to any yard. Our design team will help you select the right trees and décor to achieve your vision.

Christmas wreaths and garland

Christmas wreaths are classic holiday decorations that take your Christmas display to a whole new level. No matter the theme for your décor, you can’t go wrong with incorporating Christmas garlands and wreaths. We offer a wide range of greenery for Christmas décor including Christmas garlands and wreaths in classic styles. What could be more festive than a green wreath decked with a large red Christmas bow? We also offer wreaths and garlands in different styles to achieve different looks. Our wreaths and garlands come fitted with multicolor LED or incandescent Christmas lights.

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